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Vet veggies is value added produce.

The year round demand for fresh produce in urban areas continues to increase.  Consumers expect more variety from grocers and restaurants.  As a result, food service providers must be more creative with their product offerings and menus. 

This consumer demand can be hard to meet when produce is harvested in bulk quantities and imported from a distant source.  Transportation time forces the supply to age before it hits the consumer and the produce can't be sold "fresh." In addition, restaurants and grocers incur cost due to spoiled produce from this longer lead time.  These costs are passed along to the consumer or absorbed by the retailer.

The Vet Veggies platform gives customers the opportunity to craft and control what produce makes it on their menu and their shelves.  There is never an interruption in supply due to our carefully controlled, year-round growing environment.  Since our system operates in the footprint of a standard shipping container, Vet Veggies farmers have complete operational flexibility. Farmers can establish their farm close to customers regardless of environmental conditions or population density. In addition, delivery is tailored to the customer’s needs and demands.  Thanks to proximity to the customer, there is never a need to overstock and the produce can be delivered fresh, reducing the risk of loss due to spoilage.

While Vet Veggies can grow almost any leafy green vegetable. Send us a quick note on our Contact Page and we will try to accommodate any requests!

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