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Vet Veggies goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality produce year round, grown locally by veterans in their independently owned, sustainable farm.

Our Story

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Veteran owned and operated in Springdale, AR

Vet Veggies is a farming operation growing leafy green vegetables and basil in a closed-loop hydroponic environment.  We are located in Springdale, AR and have been in operation since July 2015. Vet Veggies is owned and operated by Alan Altom, Darryl Hill and Jerry Martin.


As Vet Veggies has engaged the community, networked, and focused on direct sales, we’ve created a great opportunity. Demand for our product has outpaced our capacity. Vet Veggies has found that more food service businesses are looking for fresh produce, restaurants are tailoring menus, and retailers are searching for products that make more sense financially. As a result, Vet Veggies is currently doubling our production capacity-a significant milestone for us!


Vet Veggies strives to satisfy the demand for fresh produce grown locally in a sustainable environment.  We would like to offer more veterans the opportunity to operate their own farm with our support.  Vet Veggies has the turn-key solution that allows veteran farmers to explore their entrepreneurial spirit while we provide the infrastructure and support required for success.


Closed loop hydroponic environment

Vet Veggies incorporates a closed-loop hydroponic environment to produce our crops.  This allows us to grow an acre worth of lettuce using approximately 10% of the resources needed with a conventional operation.  In addition to the sustainability benefits, Vet Veggies crops have a very high percentage of quality.  Vet Veggies is currently harvesting over 500 heads of leafy green vegetables per week and we take over 90% to market.  Once the product is harvested and delivered, the shelf-life is double to almost triple that of crops harvested on a conventional farming operation. 


Vet Veggies closed-loop hydroponic environment is operated entirely in a standard shipping container. This gives farmers the flexibility to grow and deliver the freshest, highest quality produce from literally anywhere in the world, regardless of environmental conditions. 


Jerry Martin, Darryl Hill and Alan Altom

JERRY MARTIN,​ Founding Farmer 

  • Focus with Vet Veggies: community outreach and  industry compliance

  • B.S. Business-University of Arkansas

  • 7 years in the U.S. Army as a Captain in Vietnam (Cobra pilot and infantry officer)

  • Former bank executive and small business owner

  • Married with two daughters one of which served in the United States Air Force as a nurse. As an unfortunate result of her service, Jerry's daughter is totally disabled. Jerry and his family care for their daughter in the Martin home.

DARRYL HILL, Farm Operations

  • Focus with Vet Veggies: day to day operations, operations and technology strategy

  • Background in operations and IT for large corporations including Tyson Foods and Wal-Mart

  • Married with two daughters

ALAN ALTOM, Farm Sales

  • Focus with Vet Veggies: P&L, key contracts, sales and marketing strategy

  • B.S. Sociology, MBA-University of Arkansas

  • ​12 years in the U.S. Marines as Company Commander, obtaining the rank of Captain

  • ​Background in sales, marketing and operations as former AVP of Sales & Marketing and Chief Operating Officer for large companies

  • Married with two sons, wife was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, served 7 yrs in the U.S. Navy