Family Grown in Springdsale AR • Hydroponic • Pesticide Free

Vet Veggie’s are locally grown by a Jerry Martin and Darryl Hill, without Pesticides in a soil-less environment and harvested weekly at the peak of freshness. A consistent drink of nutrient-filled water with an optimal pH balance gives our lettuce an exceptional taste and quality.

Jerry has owned and operated many businesses in his life, but farming is where he started as a teenager while growing up in Southeast Arkansas. As a teenager, he would spend his summers with his grandfather on a tomato farm learning to get up early, work all day until dark, then get to bed to start all over again the next morning. However, it took Jerry over 50 years to find hydroponics, which takes so much of the hard labor from the farming process, while giving consistent quality, great tasting vegetables in minimal time.

Darryl grew up in Northeast Arkansas where cotton, rice and soybeans rule the country side. He spends his days inside working inside as an IT expert with a major worldwide retailer, and loves having the ability to be outside and have the opportunity to work with his hands, instead of his brain part of every week. He loves Lettuce as a crop since it doesn’t attract mosquitoes like the rice in Northeast Arkansas, where often they are mistaken for turkeys.
In July of 2015, Jerry decided he and his Son-in-Law, Darryl Hill, would become a “Lettuce Farmer” using Hydroponics and a Freight Farm. The Farm is located on the outskirts of Springdale, AR in the Ozark Mountains where Darryl and Jerry have their homes.

At Vet Veggie’s the goal is to provide our clients with the best head of lettuce you can find in the local market place. No longer does the lettuce have to come from Mexico and be a week or more in trucks before it makes it to your refrigerator, now you can have lettuce harvested the same day it is received at your local grocery market or purchased directly from Vet Veggie’s.

The Great Thing about Vet Veggie’s is they are available all year round. With an environmentally controlled environment of a Freight Farm, Jerry and Darryl can provide you with fresh lettuce regardless of the temperature or conditions outside.